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Saturday, September 25, 2021

C’est Trop Fort Tu Nous Fais chier


"But it's like I'm stuck inside a painting,
That's hanging in the Louvre.
My throat starts to tickle and my nose itches.
But I know that I can't move."

Bob Dylan - Don't Fall Apart on Me Tonight

Friday, August 27, 2021

Halcyon Days (Diamonds and Rust)

"Desensitizing man is a very easy thing to do. Resensitizing him is very difficult."

Pacheedaht Elder Bill Jones

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Bay of Fundy By Air - 2014

"Dear friend, I write to pour myself out to you and to affirm myself to myself. I am the prey of great powers that surge forth and then disintegrate ... A bourgeois told me today–insulted me–that I or at least my brain was lazy. It did me good. I should like such a warning every morning upon awakening: but they cannot understand us nor can they understand life..."

Amedeo Clemente Modigliani 

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The Smooth Black Stone That Flew


- Three Smooth Black Stones -

Crow never forgets,

 a face,

Or two

Smooth black stones

 still perched

on the deck railing.

Or the garbage day

so long ago,

Or the third

Smooth black stone

 which flew that morning.

Crow perched

On a black telephone wire,


warbling through his feet.

A million


silver resignations,




Three smooth black stones,

Two perched,

One thrown.

Mark F. Elderkin



“There is also mention in ancient texts that the universe may be consumed by fire, water or wind. Present indications of global heating suggest that in our era the end will be by fire. Scientists say that unless changes are made, global heating will reach a point where lakes and rivers run dry and what is now green land will turn to desert. In such a wider context, disagreements between human beings diminish in significance."

His Holiness the Dalai Lama -  July 29, 2020

"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations for nature cannot be fooled."  Richard Feynman

June 29th, 2021.  Temperature 2 meters above ground surface.

June 29th, 2021.  Temperature 2 meters above ground surface.

"We cast this message into the cosmos. It is likely to survive a billion years into our future, when our civilization is profoundly altered and the surface of the Earth may be vastly changed. Of the 200 million stars in the Milky Way galaxy, some - perhaps many - may have inhabited planets and space faring civilizations. If one such civilization intercepts Voyager and can understand these recorded contents, here is our message:

"This is a present from a small, distant world, a token of our sounds, our science, our images, our music, our thoughts and our feelings. We are attempting to survive our time so we may live into yours..."

Message from President Jimmy Carter on a time capsule carried by Voyager I & II interstellar spacecraft launched in 1977.

Air Temperature 47.9 Degrees Celsius - Sparks Lake near Kamloops, British Columbia.  June 28th, 2021

Air Temperature 49.6 Celsius - Sparks Lake, BC. Fire June 30th.  40 sq. Kilometres

Chessman (Pawn) 1988 - By Erwin Olaf

“To be an artist means never to avert one's eyes.”
Akira Kurosawa

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Bedtime Stories

'Henrik's Pillar of Fire' from John Fowles' Novel "The Magus"

‘Beyond them there ran out a beach. Some thirty or forty yards of shingle. The river narrowed a little and the point took the force of what current there was. Even on a night as calm as that there was a murmur over the shallow stones. Henrik was standing at the very tip of the shingle spit, in about a foot of water. He was facing out to the north-east, where the river widened. The moonlight covered it in a grey satin sheen. Out in midstream there were long low banks of mist. As we watched, he called. “Hører du mig?” With great force. As if to someone several miles away, on the invisible far bank. A long pause. Then, “Jeg er her.” I trained my glasses on him. He was standing, legs astride, his staff in his hand, biblically. There was silence. A black silhouette in the glittering current.

   ‘Then we heard Henrik say one word. Much more quietly. It was “Takk.” The Norwegian for “thanks”. I watched him. He stepped back a pace or two out of the water, and knelt on the shingle. We heard the sound of the stones as he moved. He still faced the same way. His hands by his side. It was not an attitude of prayer, but a watching on his knees. Something was very close to him. As visible to him as Gustav’s dark head, the trees, the moonlight on the leaves around us, was to me. I would have given ten years of my life to have been able to look out there to the north, from inside his mind. I did not know what he was seeing, but I knew it was something of such power, such mystery, that it explained all. And of course Henrik’s secret dawned on me, almost like some reflection of the illumination that shone over him. He was not waiting to meet God. He was meeting God; and had been meeting him probably for many years. He was not waiting for some certainty. He lived in it.

   ‘Up to this point in my life you will have realized that my whole approach was scientific, medical, classifying. I was conditioned by a kind of ornithological approach to man. I thought in terms of species, behaviours, observations. Here for the first time in my life, I was unsure of my standards, my beliefs, my prejudices. I knew the man out there on the point was having an experience beyond the scope of all my science and all my reason, and I knew that my science and reason would always be defective until they could comprehend what was happening in Henrik’s mind. I knew that Henrik was seeing a pillar of fire out there over the water, I knew that there was no pillar of fire there, that it could be demonstrated that the only pillar of fire was in Henrik’s mind.

   ‘But in a flash, as of lighting, all our explanations, all our classifications and derivations, our aetiologies, suddenly appeared to me like a thin net. That great passive monster, reality, was no longer dead, easy to handle. It was full of a mysterious vigour, new forms, new possibilities. The net was nothing, reality burst through it. Perhaps something telepathic passed between Henrik and myself. I do not know.

   ‘That simple phrase, I do not know, was my own pillar of fire. For me, too, it brought a new humility akin to fierceness. For me too a profound mystery. For me too a sense of the vanity of so many things our age considers important. I do not say I should not have arrived at such an insight one day. But in that night I bridged a dozen years. Whatever else, I know that.

   ‘In a short time we saw Henrik walk back into the trees. I could not see his face. But I think the fierceness it wore in daylight was the fierceness that came from his contact with the pillar of fire. Perhaps for him the pillar of fire was no longer enough, and in that sense he was still waiting to meet God. Living is an eternal wanting more, in the coarsest grocer and in the sublimest mystic. But of one thing I am certain. If he still lacked God, he had the Holy Spirit.

   ‘The next day I left. I said goodbye to Ragna. There was no lessening of her hostility. I think that unlike Gustav she had divined her husband’s secret, that any attempt to cure him would kill him. Gustav and his nephew rowed me the twenty miles north to the next farm. We shook hands, we promised to write. I could offer no consolation and I do not think he wanted any. There are situations in which consolation only threatens the equilibrium that time has instituted. And so I returned to France.’

"I just look at these people.  I look at myself too and I think: "You're not from here.  You're not staying here.  You're visiting."   Ryan Adams (From a 2017 Interview in Studio Q)