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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Crash Into Me

After being snowed for 3 days, it was time to head for town to get supplies.  Water in Gaspereau, apples/pears at Bishop's, pressure wash out the snow packed in the wheels, smokes, live lobsters and more groceries in New Minas, then visit with my mother.  All along the way I took photos, some of which appear above.  I headed for home about 3:00 pm and was just making my way around the corner, about 5 km from my home when the vehicle began to slide, then slide sideways, gently touched the brakes, only to careen to the opposite side of the road at 35 degrees.  I was clearly headed for the ditch, but found myself looking for trees, boulders beyond it.  I was going about 40 km when I had come into the turn, but was picking up speed.  When I hit the snow wall on the road edge, it exploded over the front of the window - I then could see nothing.  Then in the twinkling of an eye - the vehicle flipped on it's roof.  Everything was suddenly silent and strangely calm, the vehicle was still running. 

Upside down, looking out at my dark little world, I remember thinking that I should turn the vehicle off.  I reached over my head, turned the key, tried to take the key out, but it wouldn't come out.  About this same time, I noticed I was quite wet, water was slowly filling the cab, covering groceries strewn everywhere around me, muddy lobsters showing signs of life, valuables like binoculars, cell phones, pocket knife, etc. etc. etc.  I immediately searched for and found my camera that looked muddy, but dry, functional and in good condition as the photo above attests.  Neither door would open from the inside.  The side door window on the driver's side that had exploded in fragments, blown out when the vehicle landed on its roof was my portal to light.  Once outside, standing there in the cold, covered in mud, soaked to the skin, I felt miraculously physically intact - but shaken.

Kind, kind neighbours came to my aid, scooped me up, warmed me, picked up the remains of groceries, took me home, called a towing truck waiting in my absence stayed there until it came.  All of them kept reassuring me.  The  vehicle can be replaced.  Good neighbours, friends and family can never be replaced.  For all of you, I am this night, very, especially thankful.  Thank you for your kindness, thank you for being there.

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