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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fibonacchi Warrior

Long before digital cameras and computers came into being, I was in love with images and it didn't matter whether I made them myself or not.  For me, a good picture was and is, worth 10,000 words.  For a time, surface, texture and line fascinated me.  I sketched, I painted, worked in stained glass and photography.  In the 1970s and 1980s, I kept little boxes and drawers through the house, full of magazine clippings, postcards, and other small bits of crow sized portable junk.  Despite seeming apparent chaos, each had a theme. 

The collage above, and the box of junk from which it was born is based on the poem, "The Man with the Blue Guitar," by Wallace Stevens.  Small snippets of the poem are hand written and also appear as printed clippings in different places of the composition. The geometry of stained glass factored many of my decisions with line, image choice and overall tone of it.  Because many of the pieces that make up the collage are small, it should invite you in close.  This is good, because only then can you read the small text.  Not that it really matters....

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