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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Little Fox

It amazes me how much beauty we miss everyday that is all around us.  This vixen (female fox) has lived in one of the most densely populated areas and the busiest intersections in the Annapolis Valley for at least a year.  Very few people seem to know she is living where she is and this is good.  Today while I was photographing her and the new pup, probably 50 cars and trucks drove by us without notice, or even a glance.  Everybody seemed to have their eyes transfixed on the road, straight ahead, going somewhere, anywhere else but here.  Just as well for these foxes.  During the winter  of 2010, another female occupied the den, but was killed by a car about 2-3 weeks after I photographed her.

At 54 years of age, people and our 'humanity' still are most perplexing to me, unpredictable and dangerous.  Living in the woods now for many years alone, through summer heat, flies and deep isolating snows in winter, surrounded by wild living things - I am not afraid of anything that is wild and most animals do not seem to be afraid of me.  I count this among my greatest fortunes in life and am truly, eternally thankful.

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