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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Black and White

You radiate - glow,
your face so fair.
Lips on an angel
caressing night's summer air;
satin skin
begs touch to care.
Who among them,
Could ever really feel you?

Your rainbow dances
Round sunlight's lace.
Mirrored in your eyes,
a crescent moon's embrace;
the mystery of it all,
the Madonna's gaze.
Who among them,
Has eyes to really see you?

The sage and charlatan,
came to visit you at home.
To steal your face,
but discovered it was their own;
photogenic dreams
in pastel gypsy tones.
Who among them,
could ever hang a frame around you?

Your shadow's dancing,
dogs around the moon.
Power in passion's,
haunting wailing tunes;
your liquid hands speak
mysteries known only to loons.
Who among them,
could ever really outguess you?

You defy prison's,
sanity enthrones.
Enchanting saints and sinners
to mingle with your bones;
With your Celtic hymns,
and your penny whistle poems.
Who among them,
has ears to really hear you?

From a poem written by me in 1989

1 comment:

  1. You have taken some amazing photos!.Thanks for sharing them.
    I am your newest follower . The Atlantic Provinces intrigue me and although we live on the other side of Canada on Vancouver Island I intend to see your side of the country! Drop in for a visit at my blog. I have some photos, not nearly as beautiful as yours, of my art and life on West Coast Island.