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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rugged Roost


  1. Some animals' choice of living quarters are bizarre!

  2. What a wonderful series of photos! The tiniest birds amaze me ~ these little bits of fluff clinging to rock just a foot or two from the ocean! Wow!

  3. these photos make me kind of homesick. they're lovely

  4. We collected blood from a couple of the purple sandpipers shown in these photos. They breed all over the northern hemisphere in the western palearctic and winter on our shores, but no one really knows where they are coming from in their breeding range. To find out, blood collections are being made throughout north eastern North America. Winter blood from Maine, NB, NS and NF collections will be compared along with that from Scotland, Greenland, Iceland and the Canadian arctic within the summer breeding range to answer this question. This species of shorebird is one of the least studied in the North Hemisphere and has globally one of the smallest populations. :)

    1. Very cool study! Perhaps you can follow up when the results come in.