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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Eastern Shore Islands - Bowens Ledge

Bowens Ledge

Bowens Ledge

48 Harlequin Ducks

One flock of about 250 Purple Sandpipers

Beaver Island

Country Island


  1. My son's 'special' toy is a seal called Sizzie who looks exactly like your photos....I will be showing him them when he gets home from school although, at 9, he's less enthusiastic about her and doesn't consider it COOL to talk about soft toys!

  2. This is located further down the Eastern Shore from us, someday will try to get there, been to Taylor's Head. The photos really capture the North Atlantic feel. Thanks!

  3. It's interesting that your images show nature's earthy tones and the only blue is the helicopter and the sky. One takes us up into the other.