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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dock & Doze


  1. Beautiful place Mark. So different from here. Looks completely deserted!

  2. Brier Island is quite literally the end of the earth in South Western Nova Scotia and it takes two ferry rides to get there. In fair weather it is a place of beauty. In foul weather there is no place in the province that is more wild, lashed with winds, waves, tidal extremes, and danger. You know from the minute you arrive that your contact with the maker of all things could not be any closer. When my batteries near recharge, or when I feel out of touch with the natural world, distanced by society - this is where I go for solace. Most people who come here from outside are day trippers, that can't get off the island fast enough. Charles Darwin would have like Brier Island with its rich treasure trove of biodiversity waiting to be experienced on land and sea. Thanks for peeking in!