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Monday, May 6, 2013

Raven & Piping Plover


  1. Love your new header image Mark. How beautiful that Plover is; so delicate.

  2. Piping Plovers are 'at risk' of being endangered. Thanks for the detailed shots!! Our Conrad's Beach used to be sectioned off from April to late June to protect them. Lots of tempers flying with dog owners that don't heed the signs. Come on dog owners, you can't own the whole beach!!

  3. The thought of such beautiful creatures being endangered is very sad. Thanks for sharing them.

  4. Things have started to get busy again with work and the arrival of spring so I'm not posting as frequently! These pictures were taken at Cherry Hill Beach. With our beaches so narrow, it is hard to find a spot where the plovers can distance themselves with chicks from dogs and people. Storms also pose a great risk to birds and long-term maintenance of sandy beaches that they need. Off highway vehicles also are a major problem on some beaches used by the plovers. People bring garbage and this draws in crows, ravens, raccoon, mink, skunks and other wildlife that eat plover eggs and chicks. This species walks a perilous path and it is a wonder they still survive in our province! Thanks for taking a peek! :)

  5. Hi Mark!
    Things have been busy here too! I especially loved that fourth shot of the plover.
    I look forward to whatever you are able to post in this busy time of year!
    Take care!