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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Geum peckii and Briery Nick

Flower closeup of the Globally Endangered plant, Eastern Mountain Avens (Geum peckii), known from only a few locations in New Hampshire and Nova Scotia.

In Nova Scotia, Eastern Mountain Avens is being threatened by habitat loss, exacerbated by nesting herring gulls that have colonized the primary bog after it was drained in the 1950's.  Residents of Brier Island have provided invaluable insight on the history of this bog that once held the largest numbers of Geum peckii in Nova Scotia and the feasibility of it being restored.

One Herring Gull chick from over 3,000 nests that occupy the bog.

Dr. Nick Hill's passion, vision, expertise and drive is the leading hope toward restoration of the bog through engaging the community, botanists, hydrologists, non-government conservation organizations and governments to find viable solutions.

Dr. Nick Hill


  1. I understand Geum peckii is pretty rare so thanks for the gorgeous pictures. The others are lovely too....any more info???

  2. Just this one area in N.S. that had this Geum Peckii?
    Here's hoping the community will come together with Dr.Hill to rehabilitate this area.