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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Snake Head

Alder Flea Beetle - Macrohaltica ambiens


  1. I actually said "wow" out loud as I scrolled down that snake's head!

  2. Can I please use the photo of the alder flea beetle in a fact sheet I am writing? I work for the Oregon Department of Forestry and I am developing this fact sheet to be available free and electronically to forest landowners who often email and call about this beetle. We recommend to the landowners that they do nothing since this insect goes through periodic population explosions which don't seem to have any long-term effect on the host tree. Your picture is beautiful and will help communicate the point of the public fact sheet. Thank you, Wyatt

  3. Wyatt thanks for asking and yes, you may use the image. Photo credit on or below the image would be appreciated. Best - Mark