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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Artist's Choice

In the dead of a frigid Canadian winter and with limited opportunities to shoot nature, I find myself contemplating elixirs of warmth and creative vision with tried, tested and true approval of artists long before me.  From the beginning, absinthe had a sketchy reputation, and with some subscribers having open conversations with green fairies and the like - no wonder!  Nonetheless, time has vindicated wormwood 's active ingredient thujone as just another friendly herb in the brewing process and most informed countries have lifted the ban on this delicious herb infused magical green coloured liquor.  If you haven't tried it - well life is just too short.

Traditional ways of drinking absinthe are really beautiful and straightforward, but for the venturesome have a go at Ernest Hemmingways' "Death in the Afternoon" cocktail.  I'm going to!  Put an ounce of absinthe in a champaign glass and add iced champaign until the green absinthe has a milky louche.  Yummmm! Fuel for pure creative energy on a cold winter night.  I always appreciate the unique designer art on absinthe bottle labels that bears tremendous similarity to the genre of old style hair tonic bottles in men's barber shops!

If you live in the United States, you can find some of the best varieties through mail order reasonably priced at: 

"You can't keep track of each fallen robin."
Leonard Cohen - Chelsea Hotel


  1. I've never had absinthe, but now I am definitely intrigued! The dead of a frigid Canadian winter and a sketchy "Death in the Afternoon" Hemmingway cocktail sounds like a risky combination!

  2. Absinthe. Subject of so many art history classes all those years ago. I think I did read somewhere recently that is has been redeemed. I don't drink much anymore but I would taste it for sure. It has been years since I've been addicted to anything!

  3. It's 12*C here in Nanaimo..... can I still have a taste?

  4. The posters are far nicer than the drink, which I always find akin to warm mouthwash and about as artistic as brushing your teeth!

  5. Simon you aren't drinking it correctly, or you have had bad absinthe maybe? I get a little brain heat halo akin to your profile picture of the nebula burning within minutes of ingesting. Tooth growth is also stimulated! :) Thanks for visiting.