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Monday, September 28, 2015

Blood Moon

A few things Sam Shepard taught his friend Johnny Dark, as read from early letters in the film: "Shepard and Dark."

(1)  Keep driving even if you forget where you are going.
(2)  Try to get someone else to wash your underwear.
(3) Have three bites and push your plate away.
(4)  Never stay more than three seconds once you realize you don't want to be there.
(5)  Spend all your money and then go get some more.

Sam Shepard and Brad Pitt in "The Assassination of Jesse James."


  1. Thanks, mark. Mystical! I went out about 9:30 with the dog but it was too cloudy to see the moon.

  2. Hi, Mark! I saw the same blood moon out here in Victoria! It was stunningly beautiful. My simple camera can't come close to yours in capturing its beauty; so I really appreciate this shot! Harper has got to go!!!!! Loved that quote from "A Tale of Two Cities." I must read it again. Hope all is well with you!