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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thursday's Peregrine

I left the office early this afternoon at about 2:45 and had only been driving about 5 minutes.  In the distance ahead of me, I could see two crows perched near the top of a 50 ft. tree and as I got closer noticed they were looking down at something.  About 15 feet below sat this peregrine, resting in the dark winter afternoon in preparation for the last hunt of the day. 

I have taken hundreds of peregrine pictures over the past 25 years in Labrador, Nova Scotia and British Columbia.  I never tire of their beauty, their zest for life and celebrate each bird with my lens when ever and where ever I can. 

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  1. Hello Mark, Wonderful to read you were able to help restore the population of Peregrin Falcons near where you live. They are indeed special birds. Here in Belgium and the Neteherlands these birds were almost extinct because of DDT. Just in time this poisson was forbidden. Sinds than the population is growing and growing. Nestboxes were installed on high buildings and the birds are breading very succesful. Even near my home I can now see every year a couple rearing their young. The photo you took is wonderful.