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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Sam Shepard Remembered

"Coyote's in the coffee shop
He's staring a hole in his scrambled eggs
He picks up my scent on his fingers
While he's watching the waitresses' legs
He's too far from the Bay of Fundy
From appaloosas and eagles and tides
And the air conditioned cubicles
And the carbon ribbon rides"

Joni Mitchell about Sam Shepard in her song 'Coyote'

Samuel Shepard Rogers
November 5th 1943 - July 27th 2017

Well, the marshal, now he beat that kid to a bloody pulp.
As the dying gunfighter lay in the sun and gasped for his last breath:
"Turn him loose, let him go, let him say he outdrew me fair and square.
I want him to feel what it's like to every moment face his death."

Bob Dylan and Sam Shepard - Brownsville Girl

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