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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

All In a Dream - Winter On the Mountain

A significant accumulation of snow  had fallen over night.  The day began well with electricity intact, the tractor started, my neighbour kindly came up and gave me a hand getting the blower on.  Soon snow was flying everywhere off the driveway and the main road into the trees.  I plowed 2 hours, chilled, went home for lunch, warmed, then out on the road again.  The snow on the road was wet, weighed a ton and the tractor inched along chewing through it.  I was going down the hill by Porter's when it happened.  Crunch, doink, dong the gear box on the snow blower was gone, blown into pieces when the blower blades were stopped in their tracks by an iceberg of a big rock.  After several phone calls to the tractor dealer and a couple of hours later, the solution to fixing my "little problem" had gone from having to buy a complete new blower for around $2,500, to finally settling for a new gear box with installation for about $1,000.  Things were getting better, even if the weather wasn't cooperating.

Years ago, all of this would have consumed me for many reasons.  Now however, the old hermit man from the mountain, actually started to laugh after it had happened.  What are you going to do?  Part ordered, should be here by Thursday and installed before weekend.

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