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Sunday, December 26, 2010

I am Nature!

In the absence of a sense of place and a basic knowledge of an area's history, the human experience is to believe that it was always the way it is now.  True seeing, true understanding cannot be actualized by passive observation of the moment, without reflecting on the history from which this moment has been derived and sourced in nature.  I believe that synchronicity of the 'human' experience can only be attained and dimensioned to greater proportion through an understanding of the inseparable bond between natural and human history.   In this place, one can say: "I am nature."  

With time, we become aware that just when a picture comes in sharp focus, and is most beautiful; as through a kaleidoscope, the wheel must turn, new colours are added and the picture is changed.  Not necessarily for the worse, or better; more often than not, just different from what it was before.  So too it is with the colourful seasons of change  - we have no choice in the matter.   The point here not to miss, is that original colours from the beginning are still there, still visible for those with eyes to see and a mind to ask.  Too often we miss the open window back in time in our seeing.  

I think about all of this stuff for some reason, every time I drive through Windsor....

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