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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pipe Smoker`s Tales

Pipe smokers always are the best story tellers.   The pipe is used as a tool to achieve the greatest dramatic effect, through deliberate pause in a story, reinforced by lighting the pipe with a fresh match, drawing on the pipe, scraping the pipe, tapping the pipe, to the full measure of the line delivered in a plume of smoke.  Tension, anticipation, stirs the listener with each pause.  I have known many pipe smokers throughout my life, my grandfather Lloyd Elderkin, Rodney Schofield, Junior Schofield, John Atwell, Lloyd Dorman - to name a few.  All of these men were master story tellers.  Horse traders, water witches, teamsters, carpenters, farmers.  Alas, today most all of these people are dead, but the embers of their stories are rekindled in my mind's eye, burning brightly on winter nights, like tonight here on the mountain.  Too bad our society has become so preoccupied with material things, living forever (choke, cough...), and reproducing like rabbits.  At this moment, 6,896,127,318 humans walk the planet.  More of us need to start smoking pipes and practice telling good stories...

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