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Monday, January 3, 2011

Winter's Silver Blue

We need a "Mountain Weather Forecast" made by uplanders - not lowlanders!  Nothing of what we had today was accurately foretold.  The "Weather Network" forecast totally contradicts Environment Canada's for the entire week.  Crystal balls, tea leaves, Ouija boards perhaps would be better for planning purposes...  The road is a mess, and with the warm temperature cannot be plowed, but I am again surrounded by fresh silver beauty and today a lone redpoll showed up at the bird feeder with goldfinches for buddies.  About an hour after I took the picture above, it hit my window and was found unconscious.  I picked it up quickly, warming it carefully in my hand, then made a nest out of a wool sock, put the bird in it, placed outdoors.  A few minutes ago, I went out to find the bird fully awake and perky, but reluctant to leave the warmth of the cozy wool nest.  After a bit, it flew away unscathed for its collision and fared about as well as I did for mine last week.

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