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Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Click on the hotlink below to hear the single notes of an owl I recorded calling on a clear January night (2010) in the back country with new snow all around.  Do you know what species it is???
Winter Forest Owl


  1. That was wonderful. Thank you Mark. Merry Christmas to you and the owls.

  2. Thank you Carole and a very, very Merry Christmas to you! Who-who-who-who-who? :) Stas - if you are reading this, you should follow Carole's blog too. She is a creative energy, one that inspires me to better see and appreciate the world around me... To be open to my own perceptions, to create, to express, TO BLOG. Good luck with your list. :)

  3. Your blue jay header is gorgeous! I don't know the species of owl in your pictures, but it is definitely not the great horned owl. Your fireplace and mantle are lovely!
    I hope you had a happy Christmas. All the best to you in 2013.