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Friday, January 25, 2013

Poultry Puffs


  1. Count your chickens while you smoke! Tobacco marketers learned early that small collectible pictures of famous Indian chiefs, presidents, birds, mammals, flowers, landscapes and yes, livestock all sold more smokes to subscribers of the habit. I cut my teeth in natural history viewing Brooke Bond Tea cards of birds that could be pasted in little books they would send by mail to you for that purpose. I expect a fair number of naturalists from my generation started that way. Hope the chickens have all chosen good roosts tonight. It is like the arctic in Wolfville. ME

  2. Cough cough........ smoked chicken..... I'm choking here laughing.....!
    My mom saved cards and little animal ornaments from boxes of tea (I think). She had quite a collection and then one day she tossed them. I was too young or not interested to know that they would be of value 40 years later!

  3. Heee, he hee. My poor parents were making frequent trips to the washroom flushing pots of Brooke Bond Red Rose that their son forced them to drink all in the name of card acquisition. Later, after an era of cards they packed little ornaments (dust collectors) that every household had perched on the kitchen window sill. I suppose the poultry puff pics had a certain appeal to the rural smoking crowd to get their minds around all the poultry possibilities in the world at the turn of the last century - but without much appeal to the urban addicts without roots to the land. :)