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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Winter Orchid


  1. I have no idea how you added the yellow tints to the black and white orchid photos, but the images are lovely; so too is the last one. I was quite fascinated with how Kim Churchill played the guitar in the first video - I don't think I ever seen someone play like that. As for the second! Well I particularly love a blues harp, and this guy is way beyond multi-talented! Thanks for sharing these! Have a good week!

  2. White does not exist in nature. What we see as 'white' in a 'photo canvass' or in nature is a combination of blues, cyan and magenta, or yellow, greens and reds. In photoshop you can actually 'strip' out individual colors if you wish, or push them up beyond their natural condition. In the case of the two close ups, all reds, magenta, cyan and blues are stripped out of the photo, leaving only yellows. I pushed the yellow just a bit to punch out the center of the flower. Take care!

  3. Okay, Mark, tell me how you find all these amazing musicians! I've never heard of Kim Churchill but will now google him to find more. Very, very cool playing technique. Love the orchid as well. I see in the next post you are having some cold winter days. Brrrrr......I'm such a wimp when it gets cold. Keep warm and keep on posting!