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Monday, July 29, 2013

Erioderma pedicellatum

The globally endangered cyanolichen, Boreal Felt Lichen (Erioderma pedicellatum).

Suitable habitat.

Cyanolichens like the boreal felt lichen are barometers of air quality and ecosystem health.  Boreal Felt Lichen is shown growing on a patch of reddish liverwort (Frullania asagrayana) with which it is usually associated.

Two colleagues pointing at a lichen (Salted shell lichen which see below) and the reddish liverwort, Frullania (F. asagrayana) that are both excellent indicators of the presence of boreal felt lichen.

Salted Shell Lichen - Coccocarpia palmicola


  1. The Hip ~~ yes please!

    The Verve ~~ the best!

    I've seen this lichen everywhere and figured all's not well in WhoVille, a barometer! Our spruces are covered in this lichen and more so since Hurricane Juan. Also the brown spruce longhorn beetle arrived from Point Pleasant Park, not a pleasant sight to see.

  2. I do love lichens. You've reminded me I need to get out there and do another post about them. Lovely to see a rare one.