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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Swift Spittle

This is the second consecutive year this nest was used by endangered chimney swifts.  The pair produced 4 eggs earlier, however we could see only 3 young in the nest.  The copious and highly viscous gobs of swift spit used to bind the nest to the barn wall and hold the nest together is very apparent in this photo.  Twigs used to construct the nest are both deciduous and coniferous.  Note fresh bud tips lower right.

This barn is a biodiversity hotspot!  Two cliff swallows were nesting under eaves trough at center (see photo below), two pairs of tree swallows (one on each end of building), 1 pair of chimney swifts and about 4-5 pairs of barn swallows inside.  Many broods of starlings were also raised, but nested earlier than the other birds.

Two cliff swallow nests

The swifts nested in the shed behind the red door last year.

Last year's nest in the lower shed.

Swifts enter and exit through the small window near the roof peak.  The active nest is to the right of the window inside.

Three, maybe four well fed young that only a mother could love.

Young swifts in their nest were high up inside the barn about 25-30 ft up on an end wall.

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  1. Lordy those babies look precarious in that nest! And I could love them too, but then I am a sucker for all small furry and feathery things and have raised swallows before so I know how beautiful they turn out in the end ;-)