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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Deep Silence

...the proud ones are
but for a moment,
like an evening dream in springtime.
Heike Monogatari
(14th Century)

“The evenings.  Such peace.  Sounds like the splash of a duck landing on the water, the scream of an osprey, came across miles with a clarity that was first incredible – and then mysterious because, like a cry in an empty house, it seemed to make the silence, the peace, more intense.  Almost as if sounds were there to distinguish the silence, and not the reverse.”  John Fowles (The Magus)


  1. Beautiful pictures. What type of bird is that?

    1. I was wondering the same Mark. I wanted to pin it onto my feathery pinterest board but need a label.

  2. Thanks for visiting. The bird is has many names here in Canada. Canada Jay, Gray Jay, Whiskey Jack, Butcher Bird... to name a few. It is a bird of deep interior softwood forests, usually remote from people, roads and settlement. The Blue Jay soon occupies anthropocentric (working) forest landscapes displacing Gray Jays. Gray Jays are disappearing in many parts of our province along with several other species of 'boreal' birds.

  3. Perfect choice of music for this post of your beautiful photos. The Stellar's Jays disappear from our Island for the summer but suddenly they burst into our back yard in December and stay until early May or June.